December 23rd, 2023


I find my viola under the rear wheels of a gangster’s car. It was in the green case, which was partially broken.

I cry out, but take the case out from under the wheels, open it fully and realize the the viola and bows are fine, the viola even more or less in tune.

The scene changes.

I am sitting at a table at a sort of cafe like one would have in a train station. There are three people, two men and a woman. The viola case is magically repaired but I know this was immediately after finding it under the wheels. They won’t let me take it back and are trying to extort money from me, 31000€. I feel in physical danger, so I don’t try to grab the case and run. The woman is trying to explain some kind of online payment system to pay the ransom. The man across from me wants to know where I play, I assume in my dream to determine the ransom. The woman is drawing up a table of interest rates based on how long it takes me to pay, and the rate and timeframe are laughably high. I speak about Jordi and they look at me blankly. I ask them if the by know the film Tout les matins du monde

One by one they leave the table to go inside and pay for their coffees eventually leaving me alone with my case. The anguish of not having the money to free my instrument was strong.